Run #1352 Old Isn’t Always Gold!


Who’s Your Daddy joined the ranks of senior citizens by turning the BIG 6 0 last week so he laid the trail for the Gypsies to show that he’s still got it. What “it” is he didn’t really make clear.  What “it” wasn’t is clarity in giving directions. Fits In circled the Outbeer looking for the start and Udder Moron did the same on his motorcy and finally the forming throng was found in Golden Gate Park near 5th Ave and MLK, Jr. Dr. where 5th doesn’t cut through. The pack that was there behaved like the Outbeer was bringing food to the Donner party as they slavered over the keg of Lagunitas Little SumpinSumpin. Cuming Mutha was back on the sauce and he actually wept at his first mouthful. Missed Delivery looked on and said that it was “Hard warming”! HerAssic Park brought Just Gwinnie and Tongue Depressor and Qaeda Cunt were over the moon that HAP had brought them a new chew toy. They were of course disappointed. 5150 is either a man who carries courage to it’s utmost limit or he’s just as dumb sober as drunk since he introduced Just Stacey as his “Chew toy”. The look he got had  sleeping in the yard” written all over it. Not that it was cold but Courtesy Flesh from Santa Cruz looked like the Michelin Man on steroids. In an effort to generate some heat CF preached a sermon from the Male Missal that Eat My Pussy couldn’t get enough of but Backside Banger blamed it for “melting his hard”, well, in the Gypsies it takes all kinds. Our hare missed all this since he set the trail live. The pack set off in more of less hot pursuit. All and sundry were immediately pitched into the woods to search for flout. Bitch Pimp and Just Pat cast their lot with Tongueless, Fits In and the hounds to form the Lost Patrol, which, suspiciously, wasn’t very lost. Trail proceeded to take the pack through the Monarch Bear Grove and across Nancy Pelosi Dr. King Rongjon can’t cross that road without getting gout; it’s the curse of politics. Back in the woods trail passed the Planetarium and wound its way through the Music Concourse where it circle jerked every which way around the pillars for the Academy of Sciences. Lois Lame cast jealous eyes at the throng of wine and cheese wankers enjoying Thursday at the Museum but then she remembered the keg and the Sacred Thermi and cast a huge gout of saliva at the wretches. The back and forth had Bitch Pimp wondered if WYD had lost even his half-mind or if he was just your average dickwad. Just Pat admonished her for the “dickwad” reference and said a lady should just say “dick”. Erudite as WYD is he had to take the pack through the Shakespeare Garden where trail crossed MLK and disappeared. Chickenboner apparition like stepped out of the night and suggested that only misery and death awaited those who pursued the trail and as the LP turned their backs on her disappeared like a wraith in the mist. Eventually trail reappeared and it was back into the woods they went. Trail past Stowe Lake and crossed JFK Dr. to meander through the woods on that side. Our hare took the pack around the Lily Pond where Bitches Bitch swears he saw a demented Dr. Kimble hopping from lily pad to lily pad with the grace of a gazelle. Trail re-crossed Nancy Pelosi Dr. where Closet Twitcher was trying to drag King Rongjon of the Kryptonite like roadway and revive him. Blow Queen looked on and rather than help was giving odds of 3-1 that CT wouldn’t be able to move the King. Trail took the pack through the National Aids Memorial Grove and past the Bowling Green eventually bringing them back to the start. The keg was tapped and a bench served as a table for the Sacred Thermi of mulled wine and the Vitamin J. 5 Angry Inches was so cold that he finished up as 3 _ angry inches but it’s a good thing he didn’t take Adopt A Pussy’s advice and pour the hot wine in an attempt to grow those angry inches back. Courtesy Flesh thought it would be swell to just bathe in the hot wine but Deadbeat wanted to get his monies worth so he nixed the idea. Cream Chugger arrived warm except for the time it took her to move from her car to the Thermi. Hand Pump played the DFL card but managed to leave the impression that it should have gone to Dr. K. Manhole snatched the card from both of them and Mans Best Hole thinking it a treat at it; or she would have if it had been a real card. MBH had to settle for treats from her favorite sucker T and MH had to settle for the keg, not that he minded. Chickenboner baked amaretto cupcakes that warmed T’s cold cold heart.The King reappeared and with the Sword Of Power in hand convened the Circle where the pack was dragged kicking and screaming into the depths of Rongjon World. The cold was survived. Cheers.