Run #1361 That Darling Bud of May!


April showers produce May flowers and last Thursday the Gypsies were blessed to have their trail laid by one of the loveliest of those May flowers, Chickenboner! Okay Cb did I lay it on thick enough to get you to bake something? Our darling bud called the pack to Clarendon Ave. and Olympia Way, which theoretically isnŐt as cold and windy as her usual haunt, Tank Hill. The emphasis is on ŇtheoreticallyÓ since it was cold and windy but it does have the saving graces of plenty of parking and bathrooms that WhoŐs Your Daddy would love to adopt. That parking fell to the Gypsies as they hung around pounding pints of Lagunitas Little SumpinŐ SumpinŐ. Cream Chugger arrived with Just Lily on the leash and JL and Qaeda Cunt were soon lost in a discussion of what treats Tongueless and Fits In could be suckered out of by the hounds looking cute. ItŐs always amusing to see just how far civilians will go to not have to walk near the pack and this was before Twinkle Dick arrived! When he did get there Twinkle Dick promised not to frighten any civilians by looking even more like a derelict than he normally does. Stinky Floss was especially thankful for that although she wondered how many pints TD would need before he started breaking his promise. Speaking of Stinky Floss she came forward to lead the pack in prayer and with heads bowed over their pints the pack listened as SF encouraged them to love their families as they loved themselves. Udder Moron was so moved that he went off to bathroomland to regain his composure. Our hare had taken off into the ether to lay or at least make sure her trail still existed but put down a set of marks for a chalktalk by Tongueless. The pack primarily focused on CbŐs ŇDGKÓ mark that translates to ŇDonŐt Get KilledÓ, always an auspicious omen. Not planning on getting killed the pack set off in search of the trail that our hare had promised to be hard and long, much like King RongjonŐs penis or so he says, and with an eagle/turkey split. Trail took the pack along Clarendon Ave. before nipping up onto the overpass across the avenue. Since no one died crossing Clarendon the Lost Patrol decided to keep it that way and when the pack decided to climb enough steps to get most of the way to the moon the LP said bugger that and stayed low foolishly assuming that what goes up must cum down. The pack of poor fools slavishly pushed on into the Mt. Sutro Open Space Preserve and itŐs network of trail. This is not to impute that the LP didnŐt suffer the indignities associated with the multiple hills they had to stagger up. When their plea to have Tongue Depressor drag them up was denied Backside Banger and Pencil Dick had to stand back to back just to push each other onwards and upwards. Dick Ass Mother Fucker outdid even the laziness of the LP and still suffered the trials of the damned when he realized he was back before T and could only look at the keg and dream, at least his tears washed some of the dirt off the back window of the Outbeer. Soon enough the LP was back and the decision made to just set up shop right by the cars. Out came the table, keg and Vitamin J. The Sacred Bucket was filled with rum and fruit juices to make sure the pack got its vitamin C and servings of fruit. Fits In really mothers those mothers. 5150 already wearing a sling, rotator cuff tear, arrived and quickly turned to the liquid painkillers. Stinky Floss ŇwonÓ the hash but came down hill so fast she collided with Fuck Norris cuming in from the other direction. The video that Dr. Kimble took is bound to go viral if he can ever figure out how to post it. WhoŐs Your Daddy arrived late and making sure he had enough growlers stashed for later took off to do the trail. Manhole and Mans Best Hole did some trail so they could claim their fair share do of the alcohol and Vitamin J. Lois Lame managed to cum in on trail and even better Hand Pump managed to cum in intact! Hand Pump crowed that he hasnŐt marked trail with his blood for months! If any further proof was needed, it isnŐt, that T and Fits In need to get professional help it would be that they spent their 10th Anniversary with the Gypsies and even had a bottle of Lagunitas Bad Correction a one of a kind beer that they were given on their wedding day to be drunk after 10 years that they shared with the pack. On top of that the pack got to cheer on Chickenboner for her Bday. Sword Of Power in hand King Rongjon convened the Circle and distributed the punishments. TonguelessŐ Penis finally learned the error standing too close to the King, not to worry 5150 was able to tie on a tourniquet using his teeth and anyway the human body has a lot of blood.  Cheers.