Crystal Ball Feb. 15, 22 Mar. 1


Thurs. Feb. 15 6:15pm Run #1297 Should You Need Medical Attention

Start at the parking lot for Log Cabin in the Presidio off of Storey Ave. and Ralston Ave


Beer of the Week: Lagunitas Something or Other

Hare: Dr. Kimble


Thurs. Feb. 22 6:15pm Run #1298 The Gypsies Could Use Some Book Learnin

Western Addition Library Parking Lot
1550 Scott St, San Francisco, CA 94115


Beer of the Week: Lagunitas IPA

Hare: Che Gayvara


Thurs. Mar. 1 6:15pm Run #1299 A Gnarly Trail by a Gnarly Harriette

Start in Golder Gate Park at the Dutch Windmill on JFK Dr.


This is Tongueless’ Bday trail, if he survives to it.

Beer of the Week: Lagunitas Gnarly Wine

Hare: Cream Chugger